Prefab wood stair kit assembled 3 min

Duration = 03:14

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Prefab wood stair kit Installing one of our custom Prefab wood stair kits is not as complicated as it may seem. Click on the link to view our time elapsed video that shows from start to finish the building of a curved staircase. Our stair kits provide you with all of the instruction and building materials needed for an easy install. With a minimum amount of time and assistance, you will be looking at your custom designed staircase created from your Prefab wood stair kit . The stairs for your house ready to offer fascinating technical details. This is where the real staircase architecture. With decades of experience, continuous development and product maintenance caused complete stairs. quality of all materials used are of exquisite quality. Elegant solid wood, shoots in front quality, good screw sockets and much more precision through advanced planning and computer-controlled CNC manufacturing all components precise dimensional accuracy. The wooden parts are consistently rounded - a comfortable, flattering hand surface. soundproofing rubber bearings is particularly complex by the stairs to commit whisper. An advantage of every day makes your Prefab wood stairs positive impact. ceiling edge perfect and clean finish of the floor limiting plate. packaging Optimal protection for the great staircase during transport, installation and final artisan works. series production of efficient production, flexible deployment options, excellent price-performance ratio -. our stairs are also ideally suited for large volume production projects, customer enthusiasm Customers are thrilled with our stairs. Because they not only increase the quality of life in the finished house, but also contribute to increase or maintain value of your home ready for. service works through our service center on site of the construction process perfectly. All work is done by our professional stair specialists. Serviceability The Prefab wood stairs are of modular construction. Parts can be replaced quickly and easily. Prefab wood stairs Prefab wood stair kits Wood stair kits Stair Kits
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