Let's Play Xenosaga: Episode I PT106 - Shootin' it Up With Great Joe

Duration = 23:41

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In this episode, I fight one of the two superbosses, the gnosis Great Joe. You can fight this guy anytime after the Federation Invasion, I believe. Have Jr. in the lead and head into the green floored room(the one with the silver EVS plate) in the Residential Area of the Durandal. Shoot the door on the right. Great Joe will appear and challenge Jr. to a duel. Accept and get ready! Peperations should include: - A Lv. 30+ Party - Medica All on each of your party members - Light & Wings Great Joe has 9,999 Max HP, many single target attacks, a few buffs, and one powerful all hitting attack. His regular kick does sizable damage, about 1/3 to 1/2 of someone's HP. Gambler is a relatively weak Ether attack. Heart Shot Punch is mildly powerful and inflicts the Curse status, which inflicts equal damage to the afflicted if they attack someone. His most devastating attack is Soul Crusher, an Ether attack that deals 350-550 damage to the party! He also Boosts and Counterboosts frequently. He mixes up his attack pattern a little as his HP drops. When 1/4 of his HP is gone, he might go for a combo attack, which involves him using Bloodlust to inflict Focus Phys. Atk. to buff his Attack by 50%, then performing a regular attack and Heart Shot Punch on one character, very likely KO'ing them. Either use Light & Wings to cancel Bloodlust or hit him with physical attacks to cancel the combo attack before it can start. At 1/2 HP, he'll want to have a one-on-one duel with Jr., which will last either several turns or until he's at 3/4 HP. Anyone that isn't Jr. that attacks him will eat a Gambler to the face. Once the duel ends, he glows and gives him a 50/50 chance of inflicting Reverse on himself(you'll know if he has a cloud above his head). If he was successful, then constantly fling Med Kit MAXs or Rejuvinators his way to do 2,000 damage a shot and you've won right there. If not, he'll use Cerebration, which inflicts Focus Ether Atk. DISPEL IT NOW! He'll start flining Soul Crushers and Gamblers like nobody's business and with that status, you're probably dead as DEAD. Not much left after Cerebration, though. Once he uses that, he's about toast anyway, so unload and you've won! Your reward is a Swimsuit, Jr.'s Soul Rhapsody Tech attack, and the Magnum Joe Ether for Jr. These are awesome prizes!
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