Kevin Dwi's Drum Recording with AKG, Shure, Sennheiser & Samson Mics

Duration = 02:09

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Here's the drum recording of Kevin Dwi, young and talented drummer from Jakarta, Indonesia ! Using AKG, Shure, Sennheiser & Samson Mics, we try to capture the sound through various techniques : – KICK : AKG D112 on the center front head + Samson Q Kick on Batter Head – SNARES : Shure SM57 pointing on the edge of Snare (Top) and Bottom – HIHAT : AKG C1000 pointing at the bell of hihat – TOM RACK : Sennheiser e604 (4 pieces) – OVERHEADS : AKG C1000’s match pair with Coincident Pair ORTF techniques – ROOM / AMBIENCE : AKG P120 Before this take, me and Kevin tried 2 to 4 different mic positions and different mic combinations. For example, for Kick, we tried 4 different position and 2 different mic combinations. For Snare, we tried 2 different positions (center & rim), for hihat, 3 different positions (below, above pointing to the edge, above pointing to bell), same with toms, overheads and room. Especially for overheads, we tried 4 miking techniques : spaced pair high above, spaced pair below (near cymbals), coincident pair XY, coincident pair ORTF. After the experiments, we then listened to each version and vote the sound that we liked. And that positions and mic combinations that we used in the final video ! And this is the ‘real performance’ of Kevin, using the same mic techniques but with much better visual : Enjoy ! Don't forget to visit
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