AMHARIC SEBKET መናፍቁ ማነው Who is the infidel? የእሁድ ስብከት በቆሞስ አባ መዓዛ ክርስቶስ በየነ

Duration = 12:49

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Who is the infidel? is a good question to ask when it comes to those being persecuted from the Ethiopian Orthodox church. This is a question that should be addressed by the church fathers. Facing the truth and leading the congregation in the right direction is the duty of each clergy if the church is going to be the true church of Christ and the so many martyrs that gave the ultimate gift for His cause.The Ethiopian church is entrusted with the gospel of our Lord since the time of Philip the apostle/evangelist and the Ethiopian eunuch. Its time to wake up and reach the lost.
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