SAM HARRIS 'Nothing Hitchens Does Is EVER Boring' HITCHSLAP moments JewTV debate

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SAM HARRIS 'Nothing Hitchens Does Is EVER Boring' HITCHSLAP moments [JewTV debate] Christopher Hitchens doesn't fail to live up to the prediction Sam Harris's wife made about his concern that four guys answering "I don't know" in every way possible on the question of what happens when you die would be boring. "Nothing Hitchens does is ever boring." Tuesday, February 15, at 7:30PM at the Wadsworth Theatre, 11301 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris to debate Rabbi David Wolpe and Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson in a panel discussion. The topic: "Is there an afterlife?" This discussion - "Is there an Afterlife?" - was presented by Jewish TV Network and took place February 15th, 2011. The panel included Christopher Hitchens, Rabbi David Wolpe, Sam Harris, and Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson. Moderated by Rob Eshman. The full discussion can be found on YouTube or at Jewish TV Network. christopher hitchens sam harris jewish TV Richard Dawkins evolution biology news virgin birth madonna mary crazy idiot christian jesus god muslim jew islam iraq iran afganistan america uk usa fact fiction theolgy atheist atheism entertainment funny blue tit bush old man knowledge monotheism pagan sprite spiritual goddess creationism Debate George Truth Design Intelligent Logic Proof Theory Reason Belief Evidence Earth Darwin Morality Theism analysis talk metatron godswarworld 2012
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