Arwaa Sadik S1 EP#7 The thief - أروع صديق (١) الحلقة ٧ السارق

Duration = 21:53

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شاهدوا أروع صديق على شاشة سات٧ كيدز وتعرفوا على ميليسا، نايومي وأصدقائها في دراما وترانيم جديدة The Greatest friend program addresses issues that children encounter everyday mostly with their families and friends in churches and in schools, such as jealousy, disputes, lying, breaking promises, nagging, competing... Those are dealt with with by teaching Arwaa Sadik viewers how to love and share, to forgive, to accept our weaknesses, how to encourage our friends, how to be tidy and clean and care for our environment, how to help our parents at home, how to be responsible and caring… However, the greatest friend program also addresses spiritual themes, not only for Christian viewers but also in themes that will interest non-Christians and will stir their curiosity to know more about Christ. Themes such as the importance of the word of God and its impact in our lives, how to pray every day, why one should have a relationship with Jesus, how to pray for each other in times of need, how to spread the word of God, how to pray for healing and believe in miracles,
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