Bigg Boss 11: इस Actress ने किया बड़ा खुलासा कहा- Arshi को है जानलेवा बीमारी

Duration = 02:27

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Bold and absurd, Arshi Khan is the only one in the house of Big Boss whose life is like an open book. Just outside the house everyone is talking about their personal life. A few days ago, South India's actress Jewel Vashistha had made many disclosures about her marriage. Jewel had said that his life is quite contrarian and he has married a 50-year-old elderly man. Now after jewelery, one of his friends has covered his life with many secrets. According to Mahima Singh's full name actress less model, Arshi is a life-threatening illness, which gives her a lot of changes in her personality. Arashi's family does not even know about this. Mahima, lived with Arshi a few years ago in a flat in Malad.Subscribe Us for Latest News & Updates ► Download the NMF News APP ► Stay Connected with Us : Facebook ► Tumblr ► Blogger ►
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