Jeremy Scahill Dirty Wars Discussion

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Jeremy Scahill discusses his newly released book and film, Dirty Wars - The World Is A Battlefield. This discussion took place on May 5, 2013 at The Last Book Store - Los Angeles, Ca. Here's a quote from Jeremy's closing statement: "I said before, that who we are as a society is defined by how we treat the least of our people, the poorest of our people, the most reprehensible...But I also believe that your principles are tested when somebody that you may have voted for is in power -- or that you may see as the lesser of two evils -- or that you say, 'at least we don't have Bush and Cheney anymore.'... It's easy to be against a war when people like Bush and Cheney are running it. What's difficult is to actually have spine, or principles when somebody like Barrack Obama is President...that's when your principles are tested. Because if we don't, if we don't take a stand and say that it's wrong when the Republicans do it - And it's wrong when the democrats do it...then it's not principle. What it is, is serving a partisan cause. It's not actually believing in something. And that's a challenge in times like these, is to be the actual person that you believe you are -- even when your guy is in office. Or even when you think -- I'm glad that Bush isn't President. Who you are is defined by how you treat the little people in the world and how you confront those in power, even if you happened to have voted for them...Thank you very much." - Jeremy Scahill, May 5, 2013 -- The Last Book Store - Los Angeles, Ca.
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