Renault Talisman (2016) INTERIOR Design [conception]

Duration = 02:10

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The Talisman comes with three types of multimedia equipment. The entry level Talisman is equipped with a car radio featuring a 4.2-inch (11cm) display. Depending on the market, this digital radio offers flawless reception and CD quality sound. The signal also carries information in text format, such as a description of what is playing, weather and traffic updates, latest news, etc. In the case of the intermediate equipment levels, the Talisman comes with the R-Link 2 connected multimedia tablet, with a seven-inch (18cm) landscape format display and Bose Surround Sound. The high-end equipment level comes with R-Link 2 complete with an 8.7-inch (22cm) portrait format display. Along with the functions and ergonomics developed specifically for in-car use, the Renault R-Link 2 connected tablet comes with either a seven-inch landscape format or 8.7-inch portrait display. The latter is a first in the Talisman’s class. Like the new Espace, the Talisman is equipped with Multi-Sense technology. Its saloon car architecture enables it to extract even more of the benefits of this Renault innovation which make a real difference when it comes to driving enjoyment. Multi-Sense controls and co-ordinates the various technologies found in the Talisman to create an immersive driving experience. It is responsible for operating the 4Control system, active damping, steering, engine and EDC transmission. It also covers the instruments, engine sound and ambient lighting. Thanks to this ingenious system, the Talisman provides access to its occupants’ desired mood in the form of four pre-programmed settings: Comfort, Sport, Eco and Neutral, plus a fully configurable Perso mode. It is as if the driver is benefiting from several cars all rolled into one. The Talisman takes its occupants on a journey to the very heart of a music concert courtesy of its Bose Surround Sound system. The quality is such that the driver and passengers are completely immersed into an all-encompassing sound experience, hearing and appreciating every note and even every breath as if the artists themselves were on-board. Bose and Renault pooled their expertise and collaborated with one another from the very earliest stage of the vehicle’s development to create a tailor-engineered audio system for the Talisman. When the key card holder approaches, the Daytime Running Lights, rear lights and the interior roof light come on, while the door mirrors deploy and down lights illuminate the area around the door. When the driver opens the door, he or she is welcomed by an audible and visual animation on the display. Meanwhile, the seat automatically slides back 50mm (versions with electric seats) to facilitate ingress. Once the driver is seated, it returns to its original position. If you love cars, you should subscribe now to YouCar's channel: Go ahead, it's free! All the Best. ------------------------------------------------------- Website: Facebook:
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