What If I Propose (Lesbian Short Film - True Story)

Duration = 03:15

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After 10 years together, this idea has been lingering on my mind for quite awhile now, so I decided to share my thoughts and feelings with you guys. These are all genuine videos from either our vacations or just us messing around with the phone camera. I'm sorry the quality couldn't have been better since some of the videos are very old and has been compiled from our 10 years with each other. Thank you so much for watching and supporting our love throughout the years. You guys are truly the best viewers. Please give me a thumbs up if you guys support it and think I should propose to her. If everything goes well, the proposal video will be posted up next. https://twitter.com/VyNgocNgo http://instagram.com/thisisvy http://thisisvy.tumblr.com
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