खूबसूरती बढ़ाने इस हद तक गईं उर्वशी रौतेला

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खूबसूरती बढ़ाने इस हद तक गईं उर्वशी रौतेला Beautifully increased to this extent Urvashi Routela The extent to which Beauty is going to increase, the actresses can be judged by the beauty treatment of recently seen actress Urvashi Routela. Urvashi's new fitness fund is unique and there is also a lot of pencil. He chose the teaching therapy for beauty treatment. Kaping Therapy is one of the kind of Chinese Relaxation Therapy. Today, you are going to tell about some such selabs who have done many strange treatments to keep their skin beautiful and flashy. Some of these treatments are also extremely painful. Such painful is Kaping Therapy Urvashi Routela has recently taken the treatment of Kaping Therapy. This is a kind of Chinese relaxation therapy. During this therapy, you have to undergo a painful procedure. Through this, the dirt inside the body is taken out and the skin tissue is restored to the depth by providing oxygen and other elements. This is a painful therapy, in which the acupuncture specialist is soaked in a cup of cotton in the first wine. After this, these balls are set in a small glass or cup made of glass and set on fire and then the hot pot is kept on the skin immediately after quenching this fire. This therapy is used by VJ Wani. Subscribe Us for Latest News & Updates ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9YJkE1zzf1V4O-BbaYtzYw Stay Connected with Us : Blogger ► http://ndxnews7.blogspot.in Twitter ► https://twitter.com/NDXNews7 Google +►https://plus.google.com/u/0/108289361798904603454
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