Pizzagate, Asymmetric Warfare, Censorship and EMP

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Our world is at a danger point unlike any since the outbreak of World War Two. We are lied to daily by our governments, church leaders and cutthroat corporations no longer concerned with creating better products or services; rather they strategize vampiric schemes to juice their bottom line at our expense. The unholy trinity of Madison Avenue, Wall Street and Hollywood conspire to develop a national sense of insecurity and low self esteem, fund these lies and enrich infomedia, who blast the poison out to the entire world. Meanwhile conscientious citizens worldwide are awakening to the realization that we are being duped out of our divine rights and herded into mass servitude. This is not what God wants for us. But it is exactly what the global elitists and their death agenda have in mind. People are pushing back. Tonight you will meet two of the individuals who courageously stand between eugenic tyranny and the freewill gift of God. Tonight at 7:00pm EST The Hagmann and Hagmann Report steps onto the Lexington Green of public opinion because the stakes are higher than they have been in two generations. Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with host, Douglas J Hagmann and cohost, Joe Hagmann as we welcome international citizen journalist, Tara aka Reality Calls into the Hagmann Studio, direct from London. Tara is one of the foremost investigators of Pizzagate who has dutifully, carefully and conscientiously presented an objective series of videos on YouTube under the moniker Reality Calls. As has been our goal all week, Tara will discuss a new angle of the Pizzagate disaster with the Hagmanns and all of you: CENSORSHIP. Tara has been maligned, some of her videos have been deleted over the past 48 hours and a check was placed against the Reality Calls YouTube channel. Please say a prayer of protection for Tara. She is young, smart, ambitious and fearless. And when it comes to censorship she is not alone. Fellow Pizzagate investigators, David Seaman and Brittany Pettibone have also incurred punitive bullying by the social media gargoyles who (knowingly or not) protect those who would molest, rape and murder innocent children. Their videos have been deleted, their work on Facebook marked spam and in some cases their Tweets blocked with no prior warning, simply for trying to inform all of us in the hope that a groundswell of public outrage will force the Lynch Department of Justice into doing their damned jobs. None of us are holding our breath. Hours two and three this evening: what if I told you that their is a nuclear threat to The United States far greater than localized suitcase nukes detonating simultaneously in Chicago, Vegas, Phoenix and LA? There is. It is frighteningly simple and yields a cascade effect of problems that would slam our nation back to the late 19th Century. The threat is real. The threat is war-gamed around the world annually. The threat is electromagnetic pulse, or EMP. In a nutshell the SHTF scenario looks something like this: a rogue state or well organized terrorist organization launches a modest sized nuke (think Hiroshima) from an anonymous cargo vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. The missile flies across Louisiana undetected by NORAD and the Strategic Air Command. Once it reaches 150-200 miles into the outer atmosphere it explodes, over say, Kansas. Without an amazing light show in the sky, without any acoustic alert, everything that runs on electrical circuitry simply...stops. From Boston to Seattle cars would die and immediately turn our critical highways into parking lots. If cell phones worked (which is debatable) calls would pour into emergency services from all over as commercial and private planes plunge from the sky. Hospitals would automatically switch to limited generator power. In a fraction of a second, electricity, the invisible power that facilitates everything from national defense to prescription refills, would be...gone. Power companies would be powerless. The transformers and substations across North America would be fried. And replacement transformers are manufactured in Germany and South Korea, so there is no quick fix. Except to be prepared. Dr Peter Vincent Pry is truly an honored guest who has agreed to share his information and expertise with each and every one of you. Dr Pry is a former analyst for the CIA and also served in the House Services Committee. Additionally Dr Pry enjoys long partnerships with Director James Woolsey, CIA (ret.), Newt Gingrich and New York Times bestselling author, William Forstchen, whose epic faction novel One Second After brought strong national awareness to the threat that is EMP. Show Website: News./Information: Facebook: Twitter: Doug’s Facebook:
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