Quick Face Lift Massage / むくみ解消!3分で小顔になれる即効エステ

Duration = 05:27

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詳しくはこちら http://www.fujisankei.com/video_library/living/lymph-drainage-face-massage.html 朝起きたときの顔のむくみ、経験ある方も多いのではないでしょうか? 今日はなんと3分で出来て、保湿効果も期待できる即効エステを J-Beautyエキスパートのエステティシャン、奈智・グリックさんに教えてもらいます。 Check out our Channel for more subbed videos! https://www.youtube.com/user/fci For specific information on this video, check out http://www.fujisankei.com/video_library/health/lymph-drainage-face-massage.php Also check out our company website at http://www.fujisankei.com/ Subscribe to us at http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsrenKRLoXCWKyuR6klNT9g?sub_confirmation=1 FCI (Fujisankei Communications International, Inc.) is the overseas branch of Fuji Media Holdings established in 1986. With seven offices in the U.S., Europe and Middle East, FCI delivers news and entertainment content to Japan through the Fuji Television Network and the Sankei Shinbun newspaper. In addition to creating content for Japan, FCI also produces hit television programming for US audiences. FCI broadcasts Japanese language TV programming throughout the United States and Europe via local television stations, cable outlets and satellite services. この動画の詳しい情報は http://www.fujisankei.com/video_library/health/lymph-drainage-face-massage.php
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