Pokemon: Red VS Ash (Kanto-Team)

Duration = 10:46

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*EDIT* 1 000 000 VIEWS?!? Thank you all so much =) I know how controversial this video is, but I'm still thankful for every view I get. Alright, thanks for 500 subs :-) Let's just say this video is my 400-subscriber-special, since it is my most requested video on YouTube. I also spent a lot of time into making it as interesting as possible, so I hope you like it. The biggest problem in making this battle was deciding which pokemon Ash should use and what levels the should have so the outcome would be realistic. As for the team, I decided to make multiple battles between Ash and Red and each time Ash uses a different team, depending on the regions he was in. So I started of with his Kanto-team. As for the levels, here's what I thought: Ash was able to defeat every Gym Leader ever, which means his pokemon are probably above Lv. 60, on the other hand, he was never able to defeat Elite Four-members, so his team shouldn't have Pokemon above level 80, with the exception of maybe his Pikachu and his Charizard. I think I was very generous with the levels I gave his pokemon. I also tried to play as smart as possible with Ashs pokemon, so that Red doesn't completely whipe the floor with Ashs team. But in the end, the outcome will be exactly as you would expect. I may lower Ashs pokemon-levels for the next battles, depending on what you would like to see. Credit goes to: Jonas64(Scratch, made the backsprite of Ash) TheShinyMewtwo(YouTube, made the Pokemon Theme Remix) BlackThunderXP(YouTube, made the Trainer Red Epic Remix) I don't own Pokemon,it's owned by Nintendo and GameFreak.
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