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What in the world is going on? First of all, why is the media focusing on nonsense and issues that divide us when we have serious shit going on such as a plan for an authoritarian world government and orchestrated wars? This man should not be abandoning his family, yet the simplistic classification of ''liberals'' call it a great act of courage and diversity, when it in reality is a disgrace to humanity. Many lives are severely affected by the absence of a father and this FORTY YEAR OLD MAN is trying to pull off looking like a SIX year old girl? WHAT THE FUCK are they putting in the water? How can someone be so selfish and weird? Sure, I am all for the freedom of doing what you want ... AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT AFFECT OTHERS IN A NEGATIVE WAY, regardless of the social conditioning that I myself rebel against. Why are men who are supposed to be all strong and all fearful of being feminine while women have no problem wearing blue pants? The point is that the secrets are not secrets anymore. Its time for the mainstream media to walk out the door and stop making us focus on utter nonsense, although in this case, this man should not have abandoned his own children to dress how society tells us how the opposite sex should look like. This planet is a mental institution, and the medication is truth, the problem is the system. With proper ability to talk to peers this man would have been convinced that it's a bad idea to abandon his children and they would probably have become accustomed to it. Meanwhile 7 lives have been ruined by not having a father figure while the group calling for trans rights calls it a great, courageous thing. I should not have to mention that just like the DARE drug program, educating people of hate crime and such only causes more of it. Look at gangster rap proliferation PSYOP.... The television is a great tool of the NWO. Clown music: My fartbook post: Alex Jones post: -----------------------------------
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