Bowflex Saga

Duration = 08:42

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Get the template for the 3-D Part here: So there are several problems. Red Desert Violin is dedicated to helping ANYONE learn to play violin, regardless of who you are, where you are, what life has dished out to you, or what you have in your bank account. Subscribe to the Red Desert Violin YouTube channel so you don’t miss anything! Find out about all my online offerings at these links: Suzuki Book 1 for total violin beginners: Suzuki Book 2 for beginning to intermediate violin students: Suzuki Book 3 for students ready to transition into mature musicians: Suzuki Book 4 and Kids fiddle coming soon! Wohlfahrt Opus 45 Etudes home study for students really wanting to boost their technique Intermediate Fiddle Class for those who can play, but need help learning fiddle styles: …vibrato, tune kits, and much more! Come visit and explore! 1) The belt comes from the factory extremely tight. Loosen the tensioner using the screw shown, and it will prevent the entire problem from occurring 2) The bolts come loose, whether due to damaged Cam wheel, or weak plastic in Flywheel, or the tension from the belt….unknown. 3) The bolts get stripped then they tear up the flywheel, and “waller” out the holes in the cam shaft wheel. Here is what genius Mike did to fix the problem: He 3-D printed some snap-on reinforcements for the plastic flywheel He bored out my damaged “stretched” cam shaft wheel holes to a larger caliber until they were round again. He replaced the bolts with bolts that exactly fit the new bored out holes. The bolts he chose had “shoulders” on it, meaning the threads did not come all the way up to the bolt head…they have bald portion, to fit snugly into the cam shaft wheel. He used the strongest “locktight” (red) to secure the bolts. He loosened the belt tension. The machine works WONDERFULLY!!!!! Purrs like a kitten. Nautilus, take note. If you care to fix your machine’s problems, contact Mike.
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