How To Train Your Dragon - Tournament Battle

Duration = 28:15

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Watch this epic series of battle from How To Train Your Dragon. Every dragons must participate in this tournament. But only one will come as a winner. From Night Fury, to Monstrous Nightmare, to Skrill, to Red Death. The battles are just epic. Made by using SPORE. Index: 0:08 Night Fury vs Deadly Nadder 1:16 Gronckle vs Hideous Zippleback 2:26 Thuderdrum vs Monstrous Nightmare 3:18 Skrill vs Whispering Death 4:52 Terrible Terror vs Red Death 6:08 Changewing vs Boneknapper 7:04 Smothering Smokebreath vs Typhoomerang 7:55 Speed Stinger vs Scauldron 8:38 Snaptrapper vs Timberjack 9:50 Flightmare vs Grapple Grounder 11:07 Fireworm vs Screaming Death 12:03 Night Fury vs Typhoomerang 13:15 Monstrous Nightmare vs Hideous Zippleback 14:19 Skrill vs Boneknapper 15:31 Speed Stinger vs Red Death 16:54 Grapple Grounder vs Timberjack 17:48 Monstrous Nightmare vs Skrill 18:48 Night Fury vs Screaming Death 22:27 Grapple Grounder vs Red Death 23:58 Night Fury vs Skrill 25:28 Night Fury vs Red Death
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