Touhou Puppet Dance Performance Append: Shard of Dreams(Touhoumon) Ultimate Flandre "東方幻想人形演舞"

Duration = 04:14

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Postgame II: Touhoumon "Gym Leader" Flandre would like to challenge you to a battle. ala Pokemon "Kanto" style. Note: You can re-battle Flandre again and again. Her Puppets and their levels remain unchanged. Source: There has been lots of changes since the last year original release. Comiket 89 release. The release of the TPDP Expansion. You'll need to have the original TPDP in order to install the expansion.. Alt tags: U.N. Owen was her? U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?幻想人形演舞 ユメノカケラ Touhoumon
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