PS3 import english game Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle [HD]

Duration = 11:25

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Change of pace for my videos , this import game Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle is a beat-em up from the good folks at Bandai Namco , and was released in English , just not in North America . It's a quality game based on a old 80's anime of the same name . Very much like Fist of the Northstar game which was released for PS3 in North America . Watch Bronze Saint , Phoenix Ikki , battle Shaka the Gold Saint , then continue on against hordes of nameless henchman with Phoenix firebird themed attacks . I show you how to play the game and explain some of the storyline of the game / anime series. English version was released in 2012 and Japanese version was 2011, there are various DLC armors available for both versions in the PSN store (which are not cross compatible, sadly) . Bronze Saints : the good guys , they wear celestial armors called "cloths" based on constellations and are sworn to protect a re-incarnated Goddess Athena Gold Saints : the bad guys , once virtuous and allies of the Bronze Saints , they have been corrupted by the wicked Grand Pope and block the path to his final temple which the Bronze Saints must reach before the poison arrow kills Athena. ~ please thumbs if you like the video upload , and leave a comment or question in the reply box.
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