David Copperfield Card Trick

Duration = 01:33

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Trick that David Copperfield does. Were the three aces travel under the fourth. It is different from his, I use my own method. My best card trick yet. Magic card trick. Details about your ownership of the necessary rights: I am owner to this video, but not the original effect, but I have been taught it by a fellow magician, and modified it to be my own method. Gary Ouellet taught his handling for MacDonalds Aces to Alain Choquette, so that Alain could use the routine to close his fifth successful television season. One week later, Alain also performed it in the middle of his live stage show, before a crowd of 1000 spectators, using a hand-held television camera and a large projection screen. At the climax of the routine, 1000 spectators rose to their feet and gave Alain a standing ovation - in the middle of his performance - after a card trick! Soon after, David Copperfield adopted the routine, then adapted it for his 15th CBS special! This is a magic trick that David Copperfield, Gary Ouellet, and Alain Choquette performs, it is called A dream of aces/MacDonald's Aces or Grandpa aces. It is my own handling and performance of the routine. It is not the original version I modified it to be easier to do. The magician picks out the four Aces. Each Ace is then covered with three indifferent cards. Three of the Aces vanish from their piles and reappear together in one pile.
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