Corridos sin Rostro (1995) Part 5 of 6

Duration = 09:36

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Corridos sin Rostro (1995) Part 5 of 6 From Director - Producer Othello KHANH CORRIDOS SIN ROSTRO is an exceptional documentary film shot in Mexico, about the 1994 historical uprising of the Zapatistas, the last Mayans of the state of Chiapas. This film is a reference work about the life of the "men and women without a face", these masked peasants who took on the fight for the dignity of the Indigenous people, resurrecting the fair cause of "Land and Liberty". Subcomandante Marcos, the charismatic rebel leader, narrates "the Legend of the People of Corn " and the Band of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation sing "Corridos", popular ballads honoring the heroes of the 1917 revolution, Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa, who more than ever inspire their struggle. CORRIDOS SIN ROSTRO received the "Award of Merit in Film" by the Latino American Studies Association, Washington D.C. in 1995. This same year, it was presented at the American Film Institute Film Festival of Los Angeles. ENGLISH TITLE: BALLADS WITHOUT A FACE
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