Adriafil SCARF PATTERN Yarn FAIDATE ® New and exclusive knitting technique

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New and exclusive knitting technique of the yarn conceived by Adriafil. Protected by patent registered in accordance to the law · The scarf that we show here was made with the yarn FAIDATE, the latest Adriafil production. It is a very thick yarn, that allows you to create unique accessories very easily and very quickly. This yarn is entirely made in Italy. · The weight of the fai da te hank is 400 gr., enough to make a right length, warm and comfortable scarf. · It is very easy to knit with FAIDATE, you just need your hands and the yarn. As you would do by following a normal traditional pattern, the first thing to do is to cast on. · To make the first row, take the first stitch and slip the thread through it, forming a ring, then move it on the opposite hand. Continue with the second stitch in the same way. By placing the 6 stitches on the other hand, complete the first row. · Let's go on with the second row. Grab the stitch, slip the thread in it creating the ring and pass it on the other hand. As you can see the knitting task is very easy and quick. In a few seconds you can complete the first pattern. · In five minutes your scarf is ready. You just have to cast off. You can do this exactly as with a traditional pattern. Skip the first stitch without working it, work the second stitch, move it to the other hand and slip the first one over it. Go on like this for all the 6 stitches. · Finally make a knot and the scarf is complete. One hank is sufficient for one scarf. · If you want to improve the scarf, cut little strands of the yarn and make knots on the outer string. You can use them to make fringes. Fold the string in two and tie it in each one of the 6 stitches at the beginning and at the end of the scarf. · The scarf knitted up with the Adriafil yarn Fai da te is complete.
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