Cloud 9 vs TSM | 2014 NA LCS Spring split Season 4 W1D1 | C9 vs TSM G1

Duration = 54:15

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Interview with the Winner here: Full NA LCS Spring split 2014 playlist here: Season 4 of North American League Championship Series 2014 Spring split. Week 1 Day 1 - First game of the day - Cloud 9 vs TSM. C9 vs TSM NA LCS Spring split 2014 full game in HD 720p. Hai vs Bjergsen! Cloud 9 Line-up: Balls - top Meteos- jungle Hai - mid Sneaky - ADC LemonNation - Support TSM (team Solomid) Line-up: Dyrus - top TheOddOne - Jungle Bjergsen - mid WildTurtle - ADC Xpecial - Support Patch: 3.15 - pre-season 4 Game date: 17.01.2014 | 01/17/2014 Game place: LCS studio in Los Angelos California, USA You can support me by donating: This will help me buy cookies :) Check out some of the other playlists with awesome League content: Funny and Interesting League Clips: Epic Plays: Ongoing tournaments: Full EU LCS Spring split 2014 playlist here: Full NA LCS Spring split 2014 playlist here: Korea - Champions Winter 2013-2014: Recent Tournaments: Battle of The Atlantic 2013: NA LCS Spring 2014 promotion playlist here: EU LCS Spring 2014 promotion playlist here: WCG 2013 LOL playlist: IEM Singapore 2013: IEM Cologne 2013: IEM Cologne 2013 Cross-Realm Qualifiers: WCG 2013 Korea Qualifiers: Season 3 Worlds 2013 Grand Finals: Season 3 Worlds 2013 Semi Finals: Worlds 2013 Quarter Finals: And you can find a lot more in the playlists section on my channel! If you like this video, don't forget to press the like button, comment and share, because sharing is caring! :) You can contact me or follow the latest uploads on social media:
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