David Pawson--Letter To The Romans Pt5: Israel (a) Romans 9-11

Duration = 46:06

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www.inspirational.org.nz Israel’s past, present and future David Pawson covers Romans 9-11 here, which tells us about Israel’s past, present and future. Having covered our relationship with God, in Ch. 1-8, Paul now teaches us about our relationship with Jews. Israel is mentioned 29 times here. (70 times the word Israel appears in the NT, and it always means the Jewish people and not the ‘church’.) So, this section is not Paul going off on a tangent about Israel, as some religious leaders teach. This passage is the core of Romans. There were no chapter divisions when Paul wrote the letter;- what we now call chapters ‘9-11’ just flowed straight on from ‘1-8’ then. Paul says that it is the Gentile believers who are the ones who are grafted into the vine. Old Testament covenants were made with Jews. To them God gave His Son, the Messiah. They were the ancestors of Jesus, so they were used by God to bring about the birth into the world of the eternal Son of God. It was a Jewish mother, Mary, who made it humanly possible. God chose to do that by the Holy Spirit. Religious leaders have often not been Biblical in their attitude to the Jews. Church leaders have often taken whatever view their denominational paymaster has had, instead of letting the Bible do the teaching. In fact, David Pawson was so pleased with criticism from an Anglican Bishop that he was taking the Bible too literally, that he intends to have that criticism written on his tombstone! Let the Bible challenge our preconceptions! It shows our defiance of God if we think we can correct the Bible. For more David Pawson's teaching, visit our website: www.inspirational.org.nz
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