Train Simulator 2016 HD: Acela Express Inaugural Run Train 2150 15th Anniversary (Cab Ride) 4x


In honor of the fifteenth anniversary of the first public Amtrak Acela Express run on December 11th, 2000. Welcome aboard train 2150 and enjoy the ride as we traverse the entirety of the simulated Northeast Corridor from Philadelphia 30th Street Station to Boston South Station. Special thanks to Brandon Phelan and others for developing the New Haven - Boston section of the corridor, without which this would not be possible. More info here: ( Additionally, check out the NEC stability mod ( and the Acela Express mod ( Finally, a special thanks to the guys on who documented the first run well enough for me to attempt to recreate it. Enjoy the ride =) Acela Express train 2150 schedule (12/11/2000): Real Time Version:

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