1200 सौ करोड़ दहेज़ मिलेंगे जो इस लड़की से शादी करेगा

Duration = 02:04

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Every father thinks about his daughter's marriage, we all have heard it, but to offer some Rs 12,000 crore to marry some AC, it is a bit difficult to do it, but this is what a Hong Kong father . This is the matter of the billionaire father whose daughter is very beautiful, even though the groom is not available. Father has also offered to give millions of rupees to the person who married the daughter. In Hong Kong, owner and property developer of many ships, Cecil Chao Jung, offered to give about 1200 crores to his daughter to the marriage. 77-year-old Cecil Chao has a feat for the second time, even before 4 years ago, he has been in the discussion about the matter of his daughter's marriage. In fact, China's billionaire businessman Cecil Chao discovered four years ago that the father's senses were heard by his daughter, who did not like the girls, and immediately announced that he would have given Rs 400 crore to marry his daughter. Some boys ran away knowing the truth and on the arrival of some boys join knowledge master facebook page = https://goo.gl/FtnRf1 join knowledge master google plus = https://goo.gl/z6zLmH
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