How to reset windows 10 laptop - How to Wipe a Computer Clean & Save Your Data - Free & Easy

Duration = 05:43

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A step by step video on Windows 10 reset. See how to wipe a computer clean, start over and keep personal files. Reset Windows 10 to factory settings fast, free and easy. Start wiping your computer clean in Windows 10 within a few minutes. If you have the need to reset, recycle or trash your laptop computer, desktop or Windows 10 tablet than you need to know how to reset This easy to follow Windows 10 laptop to factory settings video and tutorial will show just how to do it. It's extremely easy to learn how to reset Windows 10 by watching my video. In essence when you reset Windows 10 it's like you remove Windows 10, keep your personal files like pictures, music, documents..etc and than have Windows 10 installed on your system again with a new installation of core system files. And Microsoft does it all for you free and easy. IMPORTANT WARNING: RULE ONE: ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR PERSONAL FILES TO AN EXTERNAL DRIVE FIRST!!! DO THIS BEFORE RESETTING YOUR COMPUTER BACK TO FACTORY DEFAULT SETTINGS. SYSTEM RESETS ARE NOT ALWAYS 100% SMOOTH AND THERE IS ALWAYS A CHANCE OF LOOSING SOMETHING YOU NEEDED.
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