Hich Porgi Pahije

Duration = 01:43:07

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Abhay & Shreya both are bankers, Abhay is recovery manager has a different style of recovering loans who loves Shreya and Shreya loves him too, whereas, branch manager loves Shreya too. Abhay belongs to Brahmins and Shreya belongs to Maratha's because of their caste indifference their parents ignore for their marriage. But still with the help of branch manager Abhay and Shreya gets married. Later their parents accept their marriage. Shreya along with Abhay stays at his house. After some time Shreya conceives. After sonography report they come to know that Shreya is conceiving a girl child. Shreya's mother-in-law tries all possible ways for Shreya's miscarriage, as she wants a boy child. But later Abhay, Shreya & Shreya's father-in-law makes her understand the importance of girl child. And later she understands her mistake and accepts the girl child.
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