Ramadan celebrations in Morocco

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All Muslims, including Moroccans, anticipate the arrival of the holiest month of the year. During Ramadan, Muslims from all continents unite in a period of fasting and spiritual reflection. Although the focus of Ramadan is spiritual making extra prayers, giving charity and other acts of worships are recommended Moroccan culture places a surprising emphasis on food during this month. On the Moroccan Iftar table, dates, milk, juices, and sweets typically provide the energy needed after a day of going without food. Harira, a hearty lentil and tomato soup, satisfies hunger and restores energy. Hard-boiled eggs, Briwat that is meat- or seafood-filled pastries, also, fried fish and bread might also be served. Many kinds of sweets such as sellou and chebekia can be made all year round, but they are especially popular in Ramadan.
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