Loss of Feeling / Jim Rippleís Robot (1935) movie

Duration = 01:26:02

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In an unnamed English-speaking capitalist land, a young engineer invents inexhaustible giant robots to replace the fragile human workers on high-volume assembly-lines, and soon finds his invention co-opted by the military-industrial complex. Loss of Feeling / Jim Rippleís Robot (1935) movie Genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi Production Co: Mezhrabpomfilm Directed by Aleksandr Andriyevsky Writing Credits: Georgiy Grebner, Karel Capek (play) Music by Sergei Vasilenko Cinematography by Mark Magidson Cast: Sergei Vecheslov as Jim Ripl Vladimir Gardin as Jack Ripl, his brother Mariya Volgina as Kler (Claire) Ripl, his sister Anna Chekulaeva as Meri (Mary) Ripl, Jack's wife Nikolai Rybnikov as Military Officer in Charge Vasiliy Orlov as Charlie, worker N. Ablov as Mr. Rotterdem, banker Aleksandra Khokhlova as Doll Seller at night club Sergei Martinson as Dizer Sergei Minin as Tom, worker P. Poltoratsky as Percy Grimm, ministry member V. Renin as Gamilton (Hamilton) Grimm
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