If You Touch My Junk, I'll Have You Arrested - US Airport security


Washington - Faced with a barrage of questions about new airline screening procedures, the head of the Transportation Security Administration said today there would be no changes in the use of full-body scans and pat-downs for passengers. Administrator John Pistole acknowledged at a congressional hearing that the new body imagers, along with more thorough pat-downs, are causing a public outcry. But he argued that educating the public, rather than changing the procedures, was the appropriate answer. "Am I going to change the policies?" he said. "No." While the pat-downs may not change, Pistole said that John Tyner, an airline passenger who attracted national attention this week when a video of him refusing the pat-down was posted on YouTube, would likely not face any fines. Tyner's phrase, "If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested," helped make the video go viral. © FEPLC http://www.iranlivenews.com "I do not anticipate anything coming from that," Pistole said when asked about Tyner.

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