आया ने किया मासूम का ये हाल, पर नहीं मिली सजा, वजह जान आएगा गुस्सा

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आया ने किया मासूम का ये हाल, पर नहीं मिली सजा, वजह जान आएगा गुस्सा Watch this video :- https://youtu.be/p7hvd_PtHcI A babysitter killed a year-old innocent child badly, and after some time he even lost his mistake, but he was not punished. Even the arrest did not happen. This is the case of Oregon of America. Angry Parents campaigned on social media The child's father Joshua Marbari wrote a Facebook post on this whole issue, more than 4 lakh people shared it. In March last year, Joshua Marbari and Elisabeth Quinni had to go out of town for one night. He left his one-year-old son Jacob under the care of a man. But the next day when he returned, his senses were stunned by Jacob's condition. He was crying badly while agonizing in his bedroom. The faces of the body, including his face, were the marks of the assault. Even his paw was printed on his cheek. -All the circumstances were pointing out that Nay has brought cruelty to the innocent with that innocent woman. Joshua and Elisabeth also felt so much sad that they believed that she was like her family. -Jackb's medical checkup happened, there was also a report in the police, but nothing of the impediment has worsened. - Two months passed and the police also finished the case. When Joshua came to know the reason, then their blood was bleak. Actually, the Oregon Child Abuse Act (2012) provides that there must be concrete evidence in case of any kind of abuse with the child. Concrete evidence means either an eyewitness, who has seen the accused do so or the victim (ie the child) himself told about it. In the case of Jacob, both of these things were not possible. When he was severely beaten, there was no one else at that time. On the other hand, one year old Jacob was suffering, but he could not say anything about it. The result of this was that there was no punishment for Ayaya, even in police custody. And the case was closed. Joshua says that Aya had assumed her crime, despite this, no action was taken against her. -Guassa Joshua wrote a Facebook post on May 20, 2016 about the whole issue. He said that whatever happened to his child, but he wants that there should be no injustice to any other child, for this, changes in law are necessary. -This post was shared 4,06,882 times. It was discussed in many newspapers, websites and news channels, but the law did not change.  Subscribe channel :- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0AwRymrRJffcSyD-rJwATQ So, Friends ease Watch , Like , Share & Subscribe HJ NEWS
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