Preet Piyu anne Pannaben - 27th July 2016 - પ્રીત, પિયુ અને પન્નાબેન - Full Episode

Duration = 20:34

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ETV Gujarati is now Colors Gujarati - Dil Thi Gujarati! Jayshri says Amol to drop Ruchi at her mother’s place. After leaving her, Amol goes to office and then Maanav tells that food inspector Rathore had called him and told that he will come for inspection of their raw material. Maanav says Amol to deal with him as Jagdish bhai wants this. On the other side, Ruchi meets her parents and comes to know that there is some issues between Ruchir and her parents. Ruchi asks about the matter, then Ruchir tells her that he loves a girl but she is not from their cast. Prafulla ben and Ruchir starts arguing with each other, Ruchi gets irritated and says them to stop arguing on this topic. Ruchi says them that they have to talk about this topic in front her father. What’s next? Keep watching to know in detail. Follow us on Google+: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Visit us on:
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