Russia: Recruits undergo grueling tests to enter elite National Guard of Russia

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Hundreds of potential Russian National Guard recruits underwent a series of relentless tests near the village of Zhornovka in the Smolensk Region, Friday, in order to be accepted in the unit and receive its crimson beret. This recruitment process is considered 'one of the world’s most difficult courses.' SOT, Denis Evmeniev, Private, Medical Attendant Of Assault Squad, Successful Cadet For the Crimson Beret (Russian): "This is the first ‘exam’ course for me here in Smolensk. Before this we passed pre-exams in Arkhangelsk to come here." SOT, Alexander Bobchinskiy, Warrant Officer, Instructor (Russian): "I have served for six years. In the Spetsnaz I passed tests for the fourth and last time. I am very glad, I prepared myself and finally passed. The most important thing is to believe in your strength." SOT, Colonel Igor Medvedev, Head of the Crimson Beret Council (Russian): "Chief Commander of the Interior troops, the Director of the Federal Service of the National Guard forces pays huge attention to the courses held here, he supports you as well as the qualification commission." Video ID: 20160527 059 Video on Demand: Contact: Twitter: Facebook: LiveLeak: Vine: Instagram: YouTube: DailyMotion:
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