Ranga | Rajinikanth | Radhika

Duration = 02:10:50

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Ranga (Rajinikanth) alias Ranganathan who lost his sister Laksmi (K . R .Vijaya) in childhood,comes to the city searching for work suitable for his graduation.He meet Raju (Karate Mani) who is a thief . Ranga advise Raju to give up his crime and be a good man . Raju accept his advise and changes, but Ranga who have changed Raju becomes a hitman because he feel its better way to survive . Laksmi, now married a wealthy man and had a child called Suresh (Master Suresh) . Raju who had changes came across Suresh and saved him from a local thugs.Laksmi, decided to keep Raju as a guardian for Suresh to keep him away from danger. Ranga has taken a contract from Ganga (Radhika) to collect money from the local thugs leader Ravi (Ravindran) . However Ravi invites Ranga to join his gang but Ranga declines stating that he does not work for any gang, but is ready to do anything given enough money . Ranga's first assignment with Ravi is to kidnapped Suresh so they can threatened his parent for money . Ranga has kidnap Suresh but saved by Raju . Raju does not know that is Ranga who came to kidnap Suresh as Ranga was in disguise . Ranga realize it was Raju and he came and meet upon Raju . Raju's joyness was no bound as he meet Ranga and tells him that he work as a guardian for Suresh. Raju also introduce Laksmi to Ranga . Unknowing that Ranga was her brother and a hitman, she agreed to keep Ranga as another guardian for Suresh . Ranga reveals his true nature to Raju that he is one who attempt to kidnap Suresh. Raju advise Ranga to give his crime and be loyal to Laksmi . Ranga however determine to kidnap Suresh and also challenges Raju, that he will chase him out and finish his task, which he does . But, Ravi was a brother of Laksmi's husband played a double cross game to Ranga and reveals him that Laksmi is his sister. But then Ranga was caught by Ravi's thugs but Raju came to the rescue and saved Ranga . Ravi was dashed in jail, Ranga with his lover Ganga, sister and Raju lead a happy life ." Movie - Ranga Directed by R. Thyagarajan Produced by C. Dhandayudhapani Written by Thooyavan Starring - Rajinikanth, Radhika, K. R. Vijaya Music by - Sankar Ganesh Cinematography V. Ramamoorthy Edited by M. C. Balu Rao
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