THE MIDDLETON FAMILY AT THE NEW YORK WORD'S FAIR // Full Drama Movie // English // HD // 720p

Duration = 54:44

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In this film, directed by Robert S. Snody, the Middleton Family visits the 1939 New York World's Fair. As their name and Indiana origins suggest, the Middletons are designed to represent the middle class response to the Fair's imagined future of consumables and social improvement. The film is classic corporate spin. The Middletons visit the Fair, but they only tour the Westinghouse Building. They explore a Time Capsule, a television display, the Playground of Science, the Junior Science Hall, the Hall of Power, the Hall of Electrical Living, and the Battle of the Centuries. The latter is a humorous contest between "Mrs. Modern" and "Mrs. Drudge" in their efforts to wash dishes in front of a cheering audience. Mrs. Modern uses a gleaming Westinghouse dishwasher while Mrs. Drudge is dependent upon elbow grease alone. Predictably, Mrs. Modern is victorious as is the Westinghouse vision of an electrical future. ---------------- Cast: Marjorie Lord - Babs Jimmy Lydon - Bud (as James Lydon) Ruth Lee - Mother Harry Shannon - Father Adora Andrews - Grandma ---------------- TOP 10! MOVIE NAVIGATOR recommends: (click and watch full length movies)
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