The False Teachings of the Apostle Paul - Disc 2 of 4 Part 2: Dr Ray Hagins

Duration = 10:00

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This title alone will scare many people away but those are the ones who need to hear this message the most. "The False Teachings of the Apostle Paul" is a 4 Disc CD lecture that Dr. Ray Hagins has put together as only he can. With an understanding of African history and culture as well as a Theological background Dr. Hagins brings his knowledge together in this powerful lecture. He step by step shows you how the teachings of Paul were contradictory to what Jesus taught and for the most part different from all of the other disciples. Did you know that Paul was the only disciple that taught Jesus was resurrected from the dead? Did you know that Paul taught that Jesus was the son of God but Jesus taught that he was the son of Man? Did you know that Paul taught that Jesus was born of a Virgin Birth but Jesus never claimed to be born of a Virgin Birth? You will definitely want to have your Bible handy when you listen to this lecture so you can follow step by step. I strongly encourage you to get a Study Bible if you are serious about understanding the Bible. To purchase this message and others please visit
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