[WSHC] LIVE!! Shiny Regice in Platinum after 5503 SRs

Duration = 12:34

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[Brooke's Shiny!] With this giant ice cube, the Christmas targets begin! I originally began hunting for Regice in Black2 two years ago as a holiday special. I did only 4231 SRs before putting the hunt on hold (I didn't find it in time for Christmas). When Light738 gave me the opportunity to hunt Regice in Platinum (by giving me the event Regigigas), I just knew I had to do in during WSHC. After a measly 636 SRs, Regice sparkled! ^^ I've always loved the way Shiny Regice looked in Platinum though. In 5th gen, normal Regice's sprite is much bluer in colour. In Platinum, and in 3rd gen, normal Regice is purplish so the shiny looks infinitely more bright and beautiful. Shoutouts to The AvalUGGs ShinyPolitoed DetectiveMocha Pokemohn TheSupremeRk9s
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