Crime Patrol Dial 100 - क्राइम पेट्रोल - Masoom (Part-2) - Episode 16 - 14th November 2015

Duration = 41:55

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A simple train journey from her relative’s place in Patna to her hometown in Delhi would go so wrong was unimaginable for Sarita Joshi. Sarita had lost her husband a year back and was now the single parent to her two children Dipesh (5 years) and Siddhesh (7 years). Siddhesh and Dipesh were like any other kid of their age but immensely caring for each other. The train journey started with ‘kirtan’ being sung loudly by two Sadhus and it ended for Sarita at Moghulsarai Junction when even as others were realizing that their belongings were stolen, Sarita realized that her kids were missing too. This started aa series of investigation which started from Moghulsarai and travelled via Ara, Buxar to end in Gaya. It also unfolded a mafia, the BEGGING MAFIA, their modus operandi of luring/abducting kids and thrusting them into the profession of begging. When SP Rajesh Sinha started the investigation, he was not sure where to look for the first clue because even the CCTV footages were clueless. But then he, like many of our Police Officers was not ready to give up. An informer and n unclear CCTV footage led him to Buxar. In Buxar he found thee ways the Begging Mafia is run. It was run by a lady who ran an NGO, Udaan as a cover up. Udaan was registered as an NGO that took care of street children, ppicking them off from streets and educating them. The lady, Kurti Devi had people working under her and one of them was Gaffoor Bhai. Gaffoor Bhai would find/buy kids and then train them before handing ghem over to Kurti Devi. Siddhesh and Dipesh were bought by Gaffoor Bhai for a meager sum of 3000/-. Shocking as it may sound, the guys who sold them off were the train robbers and their intention was not to abduct kids but because the kids had seen them stealing, they had to take the kids away. Hence a robbery incidentally turned into an abduction bringing Sarita’s world down. Rajesh would have left Buxar with no clue but for his sharp eyes and senses. He noticed a cute boy begging on the street who he had incidentally seen just for a fleeting glance at the NGO. But before he could reach Kurti Devi, Dipesh’s fingers were cut off and the brothers were sent to Ara from where they were to be transported to Gaya. Places like Gaya, Aligarh, Agra, Nalanda, etc see a lot of foreign tourists. The chances of earning is better at these places and specially the cute looking children are also bought by these foreigners for various reasons like to take them for Camel Racing to Middle East or to make them House Servants in European Countries or even for Sex Slavery in parts of Africa and US. The alert police team rushed to Ara but could not stop the kids who were being transported to Gaya from boarding the train. It was an impossible situation for the Police as not only they did not have any identification of the kids on train who were being abducted but they also did not know how many bad guys were there on train carrying out this operation and how heavily armed they were. Eventually after many dramatic moments when the cop on train (Dharmesh) was almost caught by the goons, they landed in a situation where one of the kids was thrown off the running train. But the brave police officer and his team managed to overpower the goons and the children were safely united with their Mother, Sarita.
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